Back to Life with VirX


Xhausted life in COVID-19

Social Implications

• Social distancing with our peers and family members

• Closure of the hotels, restaurants, religious places, theatres, sports clubs, etc.

• Restrictions on national and international travelling

Healthcare Issues

• Patients with other disease and health problems are getting neglected

• Overload on doctors and other healthcare professionals, who are at a very high risk

• Overloading of medical shops

• Requirement for high protection

Economic Impact

• Slowing of the manufacturing of essential goods

• Disruption of supply chain of products

• Losses in national and international business

• Poor cash flow in the market


Xcel back to Life with VirX

At times it feels like the pandemic is never ending and that COVID will be around forever. When majority of people are expecting life to return to 'normal', VirX Spray is fighting back viral infection to help people resume life without fear, without worries. VirX - A Nitric Oxide Spray ensures that it reduces risk of infections and kills 99.9 viruses within 2 mins in the upper airways helped people to stay safe.

Back to Life

VirX Nasal Spray

VirX is a Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray that releases a small dose of nitric oxide that blocks viruses, reduces risk of infections and actually kills 99.9 airborne viruses within 2 mins in the upper airways. VirX Nasal Spray gave confidence to people to leave behind COVID-19 infection to live safely, live happily and life freely.