VirX is a Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray that releases a small dose of nitric oxide that blocks viruses, reduces risk and kills 99.9% of airborne tested viruses including COVID-19 within 2 mins in the upper airways.

  • Nitric oxide is a small gaseous molecule also known as nitrogen monoxide, with the chemical formula NO. Nitric oxide is a housekeeping molecule for human cells.
  • It has role in a variety of normal body functions including regulation of blood circulation, immune response, wound healing, and nervous system signaling.
  • It also helps in providing protection against various pathogen including bacteria, virus, and fungus.

The design of VirX Nasal Spray makes it effective to use against all types of viruses and contaminants (bacteria, dust, foreign particles) present on the nasal mucosa.

VirX is designed to work mechanically by providing a physical and chemical barrier, thus Virus variants and different types of Virus are equally impacted by use of VirX. In addition to its anti-SARS CoV-2 activity, VirX also acts against other respiratory viruses including SARS-Cov-1, H1N1, Human Rhinovirus (HRV)-14 (Common cold), and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

A dosing of 3 times per day is adequate and appropriate to prevent replication of virus hence it provides 8 hours of protection.

VirX is proven effective to kill 99.9% of Virus within 2 minutes. The barrier is effective almost instantly after application.

  • It is suggested to use whenever you have to go to a high-risk area (confined, crowded, or places with poor air ventilation), up to 6 times a day, at the most.
  • Do not use VirX for more than 30 days consecutively. If necessary, its suggested to take a break from using it for a few days before using it again. (please refer to user instructions).
  • Nitric Oxide is a nano molecule that is produced naturally by our cells and it acts as a housekeeping molecule in our body.
  • VirX (NONS) delivers a topical, small amount of NO. The amount of nitric oxide from NONS is not enough to be absorbed systemically (bioavailability is nil) nor inhaled during NONS administration.
  • During clinical study, except mild nasal discomfort, there were no major side effects occurred with the use of Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray.
  • While going out of home
  • Visiting crowded places
  • Travelling in closed air conditioned environment especially in flight
  • While meeting people outside / inside

Whenever you’re feeling there is a risk of viral exposure it is suggested to use VirX Nasal Spray as preventive measure.

It is strongly suggested to use VirX along with continuing to practise other preventive measures such as wearing face masks, using hand sanitizer, getting vaccinated, practicing social distancing and so on. In the event of Infection, VirX may not prevent transmission.

VirX is not absorbed by the body, so it may be use with any other treatments. For best use, it is suggested to avoid other nasal spray or similar treatments, for at least 30 minutes after use of VirX.

VirX attracts hypotonic fluid from the nasal mucosa, which may trigger a runny nose or generate a slight temporary nasal irritation. This is normal and to be expected by design. Users are suggested to wipe off excess liquid from the nose gently with a clean tissue. Refrain from blowing nose after use.

VirX can be used by anybody above the age of 12, who has no known hypersensitivity to any of the listed ingredients or excipients . In case of doubt it is advised to check with Physician before use. Pregnant or Lactating women, are also advised to check with Physician before use.

During clinical study there were no major side effects occurred with the use of Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray. Only a mild discomfort in the nose is experienced by few participants in clinical trials.

  • To avoid contamination do not share Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray with other person.
  • Avoid contact with eye. If the spray gets into your eyes, rinse with water.